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Why does Ladbrokes have a bonus store?

Ladbrokes now gives you the freedom to choose exactly how much of your funds you would like to allocate to each available bonus in your preferred product and hence, bonus wagering requirements.  Simply visit the ‘Bonus Store' tab, select a bonus that interests you and then choose whether or not you would like to use all, or some of your funds, when purchasing a bonus.

How do I get a bonus?

To get a bonus or to take advantage of other promotional offers, visit the bonus store by clicking the ‘Bonus Store' tab  and allocate as much of your funds as you would like to any of the bonuses that are of interest to you.  According to your product preference we will also send you information on our latest special offers by email.  To ensure you do not miss out on any of our promotions, please make sure you currently allow communications from Ladbrokes by completing the following three simple steps:

  1. Log in, access the MY ACCOUNT section which is located at the top right-hand corner of the screen and then click the DETAILS tab;
  2. Scroll down the page to and check the relevant boxes to receive information about free bets or other promotional offers and services.  You can choose to receive notifications by email, post, telephone or SMS;
  3. Enter your Ladbrokes password at the bottom of the screen and then click UPDATE DETAILS.

How do I use my Ladbrokes bonus?

You are able to use your bonus as soon as you purchase it.  Once you purchase a bonus, five separate balances will be created for you:


  • Ring-Fenced Funds:  Funds used to purchase Ladbrokes bonuses are to be reserved for gameplay on the corresponding product, and cannot be used for gameplay on any other Ladbrokes products. For example, if you purchase a bonus for £10, this amount will be allocated for the bonus you chose to buy and cannot be withdrawn until you have met the wagering requirements.  In addition, these funds can only be used for gameplay on that product;
  • Bonus Funds:  This is the total amount of bonuses purchased.  For example, if you purchase a £20 bonus, your bonus balance will show £20;
  • Total Playable Balance: Displays your Bonus balance + ring-fence funds balance + cash that is not ring-fenced or tied to any bonus.
  • Pending Winnings:  The amount you have won and will be able to withdraw once you have completed the bonus wagering requirements.  For example, if you purchase a bonus for £10 and win £20, your pending winnings will be displayed as £10, but you will not be able to withdraw these winnings until you have met the wagering requirements
  • Real Cash Balance: This is your total available cash balance, not including your ring-fenced funds.

Please note that when completing wagering requirements, your pending winnings are wagered first, followed by your ring-fenced funds and then by your bonus funds. 

When you win, your bonus balance and ring-fenced balances will be topped off.  When these two balances are full, your remaining winnings will be placed in your pending winnings balance.

How do I distinguish between my bonus funds and my cash funds?

When you log in to your account, you can view your Real Balance and Bonus Balance from the ‘My Account' section.  Bonus funds accumulated while meeting wagering requirements are called ‘Pending Winnings'.  You can withdraw your real/regular funds at any time, however, if you have a bonus balance (including any pending winnings funds), your bonus balance will be forfeited.  To ensure you are able to withdraw all funds, including your pending winnings, make sure you meet the bonus wagering requirements so that your pending winnings will be converted to real funds.  To see a breakdown of all your balances, click on ‘Balance Info' from the drop-down menu.